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Air Source Heat Pump King’s Lynn

When it comes to installing renewable energy systems in homes, homeowners are increasingly opting for air source heat pumps in King’s Lynn. Renewable heating options, such as our selection of air source heat pumps, are among the most affordable and environmentally friendly heating options on the market, assisting homeowners in lowering their carbon footprint as well as their heating costs.

Air source heat pumps are suitable for the heating and hot water requirements of homes, as well as first-floor apartments and flats.

Why Should You Use an Air Source Heat Pump?

The primary advantage of air source boilers and heat pumps is that they protect households from fluctuating energy prices. Heat pumps meet 75% of your home’s heating and hot water needs, reducing your reliance on electricity and your vulnerability to rising heating costs. Heat pumps generate hot water for your home by utilising the environment.

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Air Source Heat Pump King’s Lynn

What precisely is an air source heat pump?

The majority of home heating systems use either fuel or electricity to generate heat. Heat pumps, on the other hand, are unique in that they do not generate heat.

They instead bring outside heat energy into your home. As a result, they are more effective. Given that they generate more heat energy than they consume in electricity. Operating a heat-pump system can be less expensive than operating a traditional fossil-fuel heating system.

Advantages of air source heat pumps:

  • are cost effective
  • use renewable energy
  • are more efficient than gas boilers 
  • reduce your carbon footprint
  • are quiet


Using an air source heat pump in your King’s Lynn home

Air source heat pumps can heat your home and water. Here are a few things to consider.

An air source heat pump provides heating.

Heat pumps work best when there is a small temperature difference between the inside and outside. The same way that hot weather causes your refrigerator to work harder.

Because of this, they are a good fit for underfloor heating systems. Floors have a larger surface area than radiators, so they don’t need to heat up as quickly to deliver the same amount of heat.

An oil or gas-fired boiler generates more energy than an air source heat pump. As a result, they can’t deliver heat as quickly. They are best used to gradually warm your house over a longer period of time.

Radiators and air source heat pumps

If your home has radiators and you are switching from a gas-fired heating system to an air source heat pump, you will most likely need to purchase larger radiators.

Using an air source heat pump for hot water

Heat pumps, while producing cooler water than a boiler, can still be an excellent source of hot water. In practice, this means that when running a bath, you will need more hot water and less cold water. You may also require a larger hot water tank to meet your requirements.

Which heat pump is the best for me?

Air source heat pumps are the most common and versatile type of domestic heat pump in the UK.

If you don’t have radiators or underfloor heating and can’t or don’t want to install them, you might be interested in learning more about air-to-air heat pumps. Air-to-air systems are more commonly found in smaller structures such as apartments and park homes.

Is an air source heat pump the best option for me?

Air source heat pumps are the most popular type of household heat pump, with tens of thousands of installations across the UK, and are suitable for a wide range of dwellings. There are a few things to consider before deciding whether a heat pump is the best option for you.

How will you heat the rooms in your house?

Hot water is circulated through radiators or underfloor heating in the majority of UK homes.

If you don’t already have radiators or underfloor heating, you must decide whether you want to install them. This is an excellent opportunity to ensure that the system is heat pump optimized, which will reduce operating costs.

If you don’t have the ability or desire to install radiators or underfloor heating, an air-to-air heat pump may be a good option for you.


If you improve the insulation in your home, it will be more comfortable and less expensive to heat.

In a well-insulated home, each room requires less heat to be comfortable, so the radiators can generate this heat using water at a lower temperature, improving the heat pump’s efficiency. This saves energy and money in two ways: it reduces the amount of heat you require and increases the output efficiency of your heat pump.

If your overall heating needs are reduced, you may require a smaller heat pump, which has lower operating and purchasing costs than a larger heat pump. Draught-proofing can help you use less heating overall by minimizing heat loss due to uncontrolled airflow.

If installing insulation or enlarging your radiators is not an option, there are other options. Some heat pumps are designed specifically to deliver hotter water. Your installer should be able to design a system that meets your requirements. A hybrid system is another option to consider.

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